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The Halbert Company has been a proven industry leader in executive coaching, management training, team building, entertaining and motivating keynote speaking, and business resources since 1980. Founder Dr. Bill Halbert’s reputation for delivering quality services and products spans the country.

The Halbert Company seeks to help others to create a balance of profit and people. “Business Relationship Solutions That Work” expresses Bill’s philosophy. In order for businesses to succeed, businesses and their customers/clients must have professional relationships that are built on respect, mutual accountability, sound business practices and strong workplace ethics.

Dr. Bill is a consummate expert in relationship management and leadership development, asserting that companies fail or succeed depending on either good or bad relationships. His book and DVD on-site training series, Relationship Management: 52 Leadership Ideas That Work, explains his views in depth on this vital subject for business professionals.

Dr. Bill is a noted educator, speaker and business consultant leading The Halbert Company, based in Nashville, Tennessee. His services include an in-depth executive development program, individual seminars, practical workshops, in-service and keynote presentations. Halbert’s background and experience in training, formal education, and management positions him as a leader in the learning organization. He is an energetic speaker and teacher of management methods and provokes an esprit de corps that motivates audiences of all cultures.

With nearly four decades in education and management training prior to founding The Halbert Company, Dr. Bill worked as VP of Training with The Management Research Group Inc. and as VP of Curriculum and Design at The Center for Occupational Research and Development. He has led and directed training programs for Fred Pryor Seminars, National Seminars Association and the Baptist Sunday School Board in Nashville.

Drawing his lifetime experiences in the corporate world and his four college degrees (Ph.D. and M.A. in Education and Administration, Vanderbilt University; M.R.E., Southern Seminary; B.A., Ouachita Baptist University), Dr. Halbert’s dynamic teaching platform captures the attention of more than 25,000 business people every year. His presentation style is of superb performance, inspiring his participants to explore beyond the stressful surface of routine business activities while finding meaningful applications for their contributions both professionally and personally.

Among Dr. Bill’s many creative formats are audience participation, applied contextual learning, and spirited planning for action. He is a gifted teacher, writer, and researcher and provides an energetic and interactive presentation of informative content that will motivate the mind for management in all aspects.

Well-known for his colorful personality and “edutainment-style” of presentation, Dr. Bill’s delights and inspires audiences, releasing inhibitions, spontaneity, and receptivity to new concepts and skills. His humorous and light-hearted manner makes learning FUN for the whole audience.

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