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Model by Exaggeration and Consistency

Do what you want others to do in order to bring about the desired behavior.

Want your team to be accepting of different ideas, collaborate, or be accountable? Great! You can make that possible by modeling that behavior yourself in exaggerated ways. Listen respectfully to different ideas, collaborate with your team and with your peers, and be accountable yourself when things are going well and when you’ve made a mistake. Make a big deal out of letting people know these behaviors are important to you, to the success of your group, and your organization.

Want these things to happen? It will take more than modeling exaggerated behavior on occasion…when you want to…when it’s convenient. You’ll need to be consistent in your modeling. You’ll need to be predicable: Everyone sees the same person. You act in positive ways with employees, peers, upper management, and customers. Everyone can count on you!

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