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Coaching is a generic term showing up everywhere. We provide opportunities for coaching related to:

  • Marriage
  • Child rearing
  • Finances
  • Real Estate
  • Management
  • Business

Bill works with organizations and management teams and with individual managers through coaching to improve:

  • Problem solving and creative thinking
  • Management and leadership
  • Professional and personal vision
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Conflict resolution

Dr. Bill’s coaching emphasis may include improving interpersonal skills, the art of leadership for novice or ill-trained managers and supervisors, or may be designed to identify and change abusive habits. Bill caters to your specific organization’s needs and works wonders!

Dr. Bill’s diagnositic/prescriptive approach is validated through an initial battery of assessments and test to discover problems. Treatment is through a specific action plan that is behavior-oriented, measureable, dated, and holds the individual accountable for making changes.

Dr. Bill’s coaching works with people at the top of organizations and with specialized individuals who need an extra edge. It’s easy to make changes when moving from totally ineffective to satisfactory. It’s more difficult to move from good to great!

Call Dr. Bill now, 615.292.0103, or email bill@nullthehalbertcompany.com.

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