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Has team work become team misery? Has communication changed to miscommunication or no communication? Have customer and client complaints increased?

This training for managers and team leaders includes Dr. Bill’s Relationship Management Training Solutions and addresses some of the following topics:

  • Coaching Performance: This training covers everything from setting expectations to coaching to taking corrective action. It can be customized to your standards and processes.
  • Managing Change: Change is a fact of life. This training helps everyone in the organization learn how to move forward with change.
  • Mentoring Works: If you’re wanting to capitalize on the expertise in your organization, this training is what you want. It’s designed to help organizations maximize talent, establish a formal mentoring program, and/or change culture.
  • Resolving Conflict: Conflict isn’t all bad. Learn how to resolve disruptive conflict and nurutre differences of opinion that lead to innovation.
  • Supervising Basics: Give supervisors the tools to succeed! This training covers the transition from employee to supervisor, the importance of role modeling, dealing with conflict, and many other key skills.
  • Let’s Talk: Speaking and listening are necessary for good communication in day-to-day work situations, such as making persuasive presentations and building successful teams. This training applies communication research to the work of your organization.
  • Working Together: Ensure your teams have all the tools they need to be successful–provide the structure, authority, accountability, and team work training necessary.

Other topics are available and all training can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Contact Bill at 615.292.0103 or email bill@nullthehalbertcompany.com for more information.

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