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Is team morale low? Is there more conflict than resolution?

Dr. Bill’s proven Relationship Management Training Solutions addresses individual and team communication, as well as behavior assessments and on-site training based on your organization’s needs.

Here are some topic your might find helpful:

  • Training to help everyone in the organization learn how to move forward with change.
  • Recognizing your team’s individual talents, establish a formal mentoring program, assistance in changing your organizations culture.
  • Learning how to resolve dissruptive conflict and nurture opposing opinions that lead to innovation.
  • Good communication skills in day-to-day work situations, such as making persuasive presentations and building successful teams.
  • Ensuring your team has all the tools it need to be successful–structure, authority, accountability, and the necessary team work training.

These are just a few of the Team Workshop topics Dr. Bill offers. And, of course, all training can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Let Dr. Bill help your team’s development whether it’s established, newly-formed or special project teams. Working with any size business, his proven group training methods will help your team reach new heights in morale and performance.

Call today to schedule Dr. Bill for your Team Workshop at 615.292.0103 or bill@nullthehalbertcompany.com.

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